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Coolant.com is a category killer exact match domain which is highly memorable brand name that is easy to read and pronounce. It is on a .com extension, making it an elite choice. Other extensions usually just drive traffic to their .com counterparts.


Rarity & Commercial Potential
The biggest factor in determining domain name pricing is the fact that there are a limited number of words and terms in any given extension (.com, .net, etc.) that have value on their own. Commercial viability, the ability to make money with a domain name in an established market, is the second factor in valuation. If a domain name is comprised of a common term that is used commercially, the value of that domain name is high.
Examples: Cars.com, Loans.com, Books.com, Travel.com etc.

Domain Extension
The saying '.com is king' is true when it comes to domain valuations. Domains ending in .com currently are the most prized domain names.

Domain Length
Shorter is better, to a point. Short concise domain names are ideal, but one should avoid the temptation to abbreviate domain names when possible. Let's look at an example: say you are a bottled juice company, 'Bottled Juice Incorporated' and you want to buy a domain name. What is the clearest, simple to use domain name for your company? Juice.com? BottledJuice.com? BottledJuiceInc.com? BottledJuiceIncorporated.com? Clearly the first domain name, Juice.com. The shorter and simpler the domain name is, the easier it is to use in marketing and the fewer opportunities there are for typos or misunderstandings to occur.

The Radio Test
An important factor to take into consideration is what's called the 'Radio Test.' If you were to say your domain name on the radio without spelling it out, are people going to go to the right site? TheirThere.com might read well, but if you just heard that domain name on the radio there are 4 possible domain variations. That's a problem and that impacts value. This is an extreme example, but illustrative of a common issue that impacts value.


Coolant.com was registered in the year 1997 and is 23 years old.


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